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Podcast #744: Hi-Res Symposium 2016

Representatives from Universal Music Group, The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing and Sony Electronics met recently to underscore the variety of marketing and educational programs that are currently underway to promote the benefits of Hi- Res Audio devices, content and services to a broader audience.

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Podcast #734: Bragi Dash Review and HDR Explained

For more than a year now we have been talking about 4K TVs and how they are supposed to be the next big thing. But in actuality the increased resolution is only mildly better than equally spec’d 1080p HDTVs. We have pointed to case study after case study that says you need very large (100” or more) screen to see a difference between 1080p and 4K when sitting at normal viewing distances. This alone is not a good reason to upgrade.

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Podcast #621: Wireless Headphone Options

You’ve probably heard us stress over and over again how important surround sound is to your HDTV and home theater experience. Without surround sound, it’s really just surveillance, not home theater. But we are regular guys too, and we leave in the real world. We know that sometimes you have to make sacrifices and compromises. You aren’t the only one in the house, or the building or the neighborhood.

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Podcast #573: The Future of THX and Roku 3

When Netflix decided to get into the streaming business, the company needed a device in your home theater to stream movies to. Just weeks before the box, codenamed Griffin, was to hit store shelves, the project was canceled. But it didn’t die, it came to market under the Brand name Roku and started its own little revolution.  Roku continues to innovate and recently announced the launch of the Roku 3.

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