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Podcast #811: Xfinity Instant TV and Wireless Home Theater

Comcast is launching yet another video streaming service for you to consider purchasing. The cable giant announced today it's launching Xfinity Instant TV, what is essentially a bundle of local broadcast networks, for $18 per month. The service will only be available to Comcast broadband subscribers.

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Podcast #804: Wired vs Wireless Home Audio

We recently read an interview with some home installers discussing wired vs wireless solutions for home audio. We have always said that nothing beats physical wires for reliability and speed. However, times have changed and and wireless has come a long way. So what do these experts think about the subject today? Note - these are the views of an A/V Installer and dealer.

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Podcast #800: Wired or Wireless?

The #2 homebuilder in the U.S., Lennar Homes, has become the first major homebuilder to adopt “Wi-Fi Certified Home Design,” a new Wi-Fi Alliance seal that ensures your home wireless network is designed for “whole-home connectivity, with no dead spots.” Sounds great, until you realize they aren't running wired connections anymore.

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Podcast #752: Connect with FireConnect

Since almost the beginning we have been looking for ways to ditch wires. They are a pain to run across rooms, create unsightly bulges in carpet or even require drywall cutting. There are a few technologies that have been out for some time now. We have AirPlay by apple, Chromecast by Google, Bluetooth, and few other lesser known technologies. They all work pretty well and have support from various receiver manufacturers.

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Podcast #731: DTS Play-Fi

We had a chance to check out the WiSA standard in our review of the Axiim Q Wireless Home Theater System on Podcast 728 a couple weeks ago. On top of that, Ara is a big AirPlay fan for whole house audio and Braden is invested in Sonos. Since we can’t have just one, or even four, standards, it looks like another competing technology, this one from DTS, is hoping to fulfill our dreams of wireless audio around the home. The technology, called DTS Play-Fi, looks pretty promising and has some solid companies in its corner.

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Podcast #728: Axiim Q Wireless Home Theater System

This podcast is going on eleven years and one thing that we have heard from the beginning is that there are too many wires required to setup a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system. Wireless has always been the dream but it's never been good enough. That is until today!

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