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Podcast #796: Tips From THX: Getting the Most Out of Your Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson, a regular contributor at, asked THX CTO Scott Francis "to outline some basic tips from THX to optimize the location and setup of the display, speakers, and seating in order to get the most out of the entire system, whether it’s just you, your immediate family, or a big party watching movies, TV shows, or sports."

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Podcast #746: The THX Story

On today’s show we discuss THX, the history and what it means to you and your home theater, with David Kroll Global CI Product manager for KEF.

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Podcast #735: THX tune-up to the Rescue

We had a friend recently who was complaining about their HDTV experience at home. They weren’t seeing the quality they were hoping to see after upgrading their TV, and were contemplating returning it. In talking through it with them, we were able to convince them that perhaps the TV settings just needed to be dialed in to look great in their viewing room. They didn’t want to spend money on a professional calibration, so we went to the trusty THX tune-up app to see what we could do.

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Podcast #573: The Future of THX and Roku 3

When Netflix decided to get into the streaming business, the company needed a device in your home theater to stream movies to. Just weeks before the box, codenamed Griffin, was to hit store shelves, the project was canceled. But it didn’t die, it came to market under the Brand name Roku and started its own little revolution.  Roku continues to innovate and recently announced the launch of the Roku 3.

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