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CSS Audio P215 Speaker Kit Build

A few months ago I learned about Creative Sound Solutions and decided to build their P215 speaker kit. It goes for $439. 


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Home Video Security Server DIY Review

From time time our listeners will do a feature on their personal setups. This is a feature written by Ed Stouffer outlining his video camera setup:

I began this adventure about 3 years ago when I bought my first IP cam to go with my Insteon Hub. I soon discovered that my “plan” wasn’t going to work as expected for 2 reasons: first, I bought an indoor camera and positioned it inside of a window in the garage to view the front porch – but at night, all I got was a ring of IR lights reflected from the glass, and second, anything beyond looking at the live view or configuring the camera wasn’t supported in the Insteon app.

First, I tried using the camera application in win

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Rustic Speakers (Not a How To)

As many of you know I have found a hobby working with wood. It's something that is quite satisfying and when you are done you have something tangible that can give you joy for many years. I have been fortunate enough to do is combine wood working with my love of home audio by building speakers. Yes the company building the drivers are really doing the heavy lifting but the cabinets still have a major impact on how they sound.

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Faux Barn Wood Speakers SOLD!

I tried an experiment with my latest speaker build. I used new wood but tried to make it look old. They look good but sound even better. Driver is the the Markaudio Pluvia Seven 4” full range. The cabinet is .4 cubic feet (11 liters) and stuffed with polyfill. I went with two vent tubes just for looks. I could have gone with a single larger vent tube.

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Logitech Harmony Smart Control

From time to time our listeners will write us about an their experiences with their home theater setups. Today Scott Fosseen writes about his experience with his Harmony Remote.

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DIY Desktop Speakers made from Barn Wood

I decided to build a pair of "Historic" speakers made out of reclaimed American Chestnut. This video displays the steps I took plus there is a little discussion one the pros and cons of using full range drivers. If you only want to hear what the speakers sound like (as best as you can on youtube) fast forward to 14:50. But I hope you will enjoy the whole thing :-)