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Podcast #633: Use an AVR for Pre/Pro or a PreAmp?

We recently reviewed the NuForce AVP-18 all-digital HT dedicated preamp/processor (MSRP $1095) paired with the NuForce MCA-20 multi-channel amplifier (MSRP $1995). Our goal was to compare the performance of separates with the performance of a high quality AVR to see how they’d stack up. We used to hold the position that for just about everyone, the AVR would be more than good enough...

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Podcast #631: NuForce AVP-18 Processor and MCA-20 Amplifier

We don’t need to repeat ourselves, but we will anyways: Home Theater without surround sound isn’t really Home Theater at all. It’s only half of the experience. Without surround sound, you’re just watching moving pictures on the wall. But we’ve also stated that modern AV receivers are good enough and going the separate processor and amp route is overkill for most people. Today we put that theory to the test.

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Podcast #626: Interview with Jack Sharkey of Kef Speakers

This week we sit down and talk with Jack Sharkey of Kef Speakers. Jack shares his experience in making a room that is acoustically unfriendly into a place where Kef can showcase their products. Its a six part series.

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Podcast #621: Wireless Headphone Options

You’ve probably heard us stress over and over again how important surround sound is to your HDTV and home theater experience. Without surround sound, it’s really just surveillance, not home theater. But we are regular guys too, and we leave in the real world. We know that sometimes you have to make sacrifices and compromises. You aren’t the only one in the house, or the building or the neighborhood.

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Podcast #618: Best of CES 2014 and Top Tech to Watch this Year

CES has come and gone so today we talk about what others have deemed “Best”. We rundown winners (home theater related) from the Digital Trends, Engadget, and CES Innovations. Follow the links for the complete list.

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Podcast #614: Ultimate Home Theater in a Box

There are so many Home Theater in a Box systems out there many of which cost less than $400. But seriously, what can you get for $400. A good center channel typically costs more than most HTIB systems on the market today. Each year we try to assemble a Home Theater in many boxes that we would be proud to show off in our homes. Our system will have at a minimum a HDTV, Blu-ray Player, Receiver, and 5.1 speakers.

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