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Podcast #795: Interview with David Dicks of Common Sense Audio

We speak with David Dicks of Common Sense Audio makers of Audio Nirvana full range drivers. Ara used the Classic 5 drivers on his latest build.

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Podcast #672: Interview with Howard and Joe Rogers of RSL Speakers

We received an email from a listener in early January asking us to take a listen to some speakers manufactured by RSL Speakers. We are still in the process of setting up the review samples but we thought that RSL had such a great history that we asked Howard and Joe Rogers to come on the show and share with us their experiences in the speaker industry. We hope you enjoy!

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Podcast #646: Interview with Mohu CEO Mark Buff

Ara has the Mohu Sky HD antenna on his roof and is picking up signals from Los Angeles (55 miles) and San Diego (90 miles) away. Today we talk to the Mark Buff of Mohu about his company and the cutting edge technology they use, as well as the yet to be released, crowd funded Mohu Channels product.

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Podcast #581: TV Buying Trends and an Interview with

We like to occasionally take a look at the top selling products at Amazon as a barometer of what is occurring in the larger Consumer Electronics market. Sometimes what we find shocks us, other times is confirms our suspicions, and sometimes it just flat out doesn’t make any sense at all. Yesterday we took a look at the top 10 selling HDTVs. What we found was in some ways surprising, but it certainly wasn’t shocking.

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