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Podcast #656: Movie Theaters Enter the Fourth Dimension

It will come as no surprise that the HT Guys will opt to wait for the Blu-ray version of popular movies so that we can enjoy them in the comfort of our own homes. We know that we are not alone, many of our listeners are doing the same. As our hobby grows, people are setting up relatively inexpensive home theaters that provide a quite enjoyable experience. Others will spend a little more money and create an experience that rivals what you get in the cinema.

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Podcast #567: Insteon Hub Review

To take full advantage of an automation system, you need a server running that can take action based on events that may occur, these are often called "triggers." You can run a software package on a computer you leave on 24/7 or you can buy a dedicated device for it. If you’re like us and have Insteon devices in your home, one option to look into is the Insteon Hub from SmartHome.

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Podcast #541: 3 Budget Receivers, Unique Remotes and WiFi Headphones

Episode 541 is packed with information, from a CNet discussion on their favorite 3 (budget) receivers to the new STRIVA wi-fi headphones from Koss. Mixed in there is a list from Electronic House with 10 very unique remote controls that are sure to start as many conversations as movies in your home theater.

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Podcast #500: A Look Back at 500 Episodes of HDTV Talk

It is hard to believe we've done 500 episodes of the HDTV and Home Theater Podcast.  So much has changed in the almost 7 years we've been doing this, and so much has stayed the same.  It's been a great time; we've enjoyed sharing it with our listeners and are looking forward to 500 more.

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