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Podcast #780: Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat and Other Topics

A wide and varied range of topics for this week. First we'll discuss what came out of the ATSC Summit at the annual Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat. Then we talk about the potential for a resurgence of domestic US Television manufacturing. Reality or pipe dream? Then a great deal on a bias lighting kit from Amazon.

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Podcast #607: Universal Devices ISY-994i Review

You can control the volume on your surround sound system, it isn’t a simply on or off switch. You can control the brightness and the contrast on your television, you can even change channels, pause and fast forward and maybe even run web enabled apps and content. But your lights are either on or off. It’s time to face the facts, you have dumb lights. But they don’t have to be dumb.

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Podcast #567: Insteon Hub Review

To take full advantage of an automation system, you need a server running that can take action based on events that may occur, these are often called "triggers." You can run a software package on a computer you leave on 24/7 or you can buy a dedicated device for it. If you’re like us and have Insteon devices in your home, one option to look into is the Insteon Hub from SmartHome.

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Podcast #431: Quartics, Insteon, X10, ZigBee and Z-Wave

We've started to talk quite a bit lately about home automation.  Granted it isn't exactly an HDTV or Home Theater topic, but we think it fits quite well.  After all, most home theater installers also offer some form lighting control.  If you can add your own lighting, window covering and screen control to your home theater, it makes perfect sense.

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Podcast #396: HD Fury 2 and Home Automation with Insteon

As Daylight Savings time draws to a close those of us with lights on a timer need to do our bi-annual ritual of readjusting the settings so lights are on when it gets dark. This year Ara decided that he wanted to look into home automation so his lighting could be set once. He decided to go with an Insteon System starter package that included two lamp controllers, one appliance controller, a computer interface, access points for the mesh network, a remote control, and software.

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