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Podcast #553: New Boxee, Cloud DVR and Superhero Movies

Cord cutters rejoice, the new $99 Boxee will delight and amaze you, and it is a much more normal size and shape. One unique feature of the new Boxee is cloud storage for all your saved DVR content, we're not convinced this is as good as it sounds on paper. And if Sci-fi movies aren't your thing, we close out today with a discussion of Superhero movies.

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Podcast #552: DIY Cabling, 4K TVs and Sci-Fi Movies

This episode covers a wide range of topics, from various DIY ways to hide cables in your home theater to why 4K is more important than 3D, but maybe not as important as TV manufacturers would hope.  We close out with a discussion on Sci-Fi movies and the role Science Fiction has played in shaping home theater and consumer electronics.  Ok, maybe not, but it sounds good.

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Podcast #485: Painting Your Projector Screen

For many, a true home theater is one that has a projector and screen. This type of setup can range in cost from a few thousand to tens of thousands or dollars. Most of the cost goes into the projector but a good percentage is also taken up by the screen. Ara’s Black Diamond II screen goes for about $2700 online. Today we are going to discuss a way to save as much as 95% on the cost of screen and still have a high quality experience. All you need is some specialized paint, elbow grease, and a weekend. We’re talking about painting your screen onto a wall.

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