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Podcast #662: What We're Thankful for '14

Each year at this time of year we do a show where we discuss what we are thankful for. There are the obvious things to be thankful for like our families, especially our wives who put up with our home theater obsessions. And of course we are thankful for you, the listener/reader of our show. So as is tradition over the last six Thanksgivings, on today's show we give you our list of consumer electronics things we are thankful for.

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Podcast #661: Black Friday Preview 2014

Another year passes, another Black Friday approaches. True to form, the deals are as good as ever. Looking back, the deals we thought were amazing look like a rip off now. In 2008 the cheapest Blu-ray player was $128 and a 50-inch 720p plasma was going for $900. In 2009 the Blu-ray player price dropped to $78 and you could get a 50-inch 1080p plasma with a Blu-ray player for $1000. In 2013, plasma TVs were still all the rage. Can’t find any this year.

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Podcast #645: 4K TV Options

4K or UltraHD technology is starting to approach mainstream, and the options for 4K TVs is getting better all the time. In a quick glance at the choices selling right now at, we were surprised to see how many there are, and how affordable the have quickly become. Of course, Vizio isn’t in the list yet, so if you’re waiting for that like a certain HT Guy might be, you’ll have to keep waiting. But if you need a new TV now, 4K might be within reach.

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Podcast #632: SONY 4K UHD TVs

On the last show we read a news story that SONY announced pricing and availability for their new line for 4K TVs. This week we thought we discuss in a bit more depth the latest from SONY. For starters there are a total of nine UHD TVs. The nine TVs are tiered on entry, mid, and high and range in price from $2,100 up to $25,000.

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Podcast #629: Sharp 2014 Quattron+ Televisions

We mentioned the upcoming Quattron+ technology from Sharp in our CES roundup earlier this year.The tech just got real. Sharp has announced several new LED LCD models for 2014 that feature the technology. Along the lines of JVC’s e-Shift technology we discussed a couple episodes back, Quattron+ looks like a clever bridge between the 1080p LED LCD televisions of today and the 4K and/or OLED televisions of tomorrow.

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Podcast #627: JVC 4K UltraHD Projectors

We haven’t spent too much time talking about 4K projectors because, to be blunt, they’re just too expensive to be within reach for us, and for the majority of our audience. While they’re cool to think about, and maybe drool over, why spend too much time on them when you know you’ll never drop $28,000 on a projector? But what if they were a fraction of that cost?

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