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Podcast #482: The Best HDTV Widgets

An HDTV Widget is an application that runs on an Internet-connected HDTV, sometimes called a “Smart TV” or other home-theater device, like many Blu-ray players, a Roku, the Boxee Box or a Google TV, that offers functionality beyond the traditional TV watching experience. There are a plethora of these widgets, some useful, some not so useful. We’ve assembled our list of the best, or most useful, HDTV Widgets available right now.

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Podcast #471: Hannspree 42 inch 120Hz LCD HDTV

Back when we started this podcast (six years ago on Thursday) we never dreamt of being able to purchase a 42 inch LCD for around $460. And if you could would it be any good? Today that dream has come true with the Hannspree ST42DMSB 42 inch 120Hz LCD HDTV. As you would expect with a 42 inch TV at this price point there aren’t a ton of bells and whistles. What you get is a solid basic HDTV that can be used in your main or secondary room without breaking the bank.

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Podcast #456: HDTV Buying Guide 2010 and Dolby Contest Winner Announced

Our HDTV buying guide comes back by popular demand, just in time for Christmas. We’ll break them down by size again, which gets pretty close to breaking them down by price as well.  The 2010 edition shows that same falling price trend as years past, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you drop hints on what you “deserve” to see under the tree this year.

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Podcast #441: We can go bigger

The term “Home Theater” has become pretty subjective. Years ago it meant exactly what it sounds like: an actual theater in your home. Typically reserved for only the super rich, it slowly grew more mainstream as prices fell and DIY solutions came to market. Eventually, the term has come to describe any home audio-visual setup that has surround sound and perhaps a larger than normal television.

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